Established in March 2008, Hunan Daokuan Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "Daokuan Law Firm" or "we")has developed into a comprehensive law firm with over 100 professional lawyers and 1,000 square meters office space. We are endeavoring to be a large-scaled, information-based, professional, branded, and international law firm. We set up branch office in Wuhu City, Anhui Province in December 2016.

We take pride in our large number of high- quality lawyers, of which more than a quarter acquired master degrees and three acquired doctor degrees. At the same time, by establishing advanced management system, professional team operating mode, and resource sharing mechanism, we are capable to provide high-quality legal services in many areas.
Thanks to our excellent lawyer team and rich project resources advantages, we havf built up a reputation for and developed expertise in dealing with civil and commercial disputes, criminal litigation, receivable management and collection, bankruptcy and reorganization, intellectual property, IPO, bond issuance, New Three Board (China' s share transfer system for medium and small sized companies), merger and acquisition (both home and abroad), project financing and etc.

We adhere to "pioneering, doing better, and doing fine" in traditional legal service market. Our lawyers have attended hearings in hundreds of courts of all levels in 30 provinces, autonomous regions (except Tibet) and directly-governed municipalities, from the Mohe County
People' s Court in the northernmost of China to the Kashi Intermediate People' s Court in the westernmost of China. Meanwhile, we have formed our legal service strategy by closely following the national policy guidance and industry development trend, cherishing the legal service concept of "large enterprise+ investment",actively cultivating the ecological circle of "law+finance service" and "industry chain",relying on the development of state-owned enterprises and large enterprises.

Litigation and Arbitration

We are eligible to represent our clients in courts of all levels and arbitration tribunals in China. We are deeply experienced not only in solving disputes through litigation or arbitration procedures, but also in preemptively preventing legal risks and disputes. In the area, we have accumulated a wealth of skills and experience in dealing with complicated issues, and as such, can provide clients with services exceeding their expectations.

In this area,we can provide the following services regarding:

·Civil litigation: disputes of person injury, traffic accident, marriage and inheritance, labor and so on;
·Commercial litigation: disputes of contract all types, including the sale contract, loan contract, financial leasing contract, insurance contract;
·Criminal litigation: economic crimes, corruption-related crimes, drug-related crimes, crimes infringing property rights or person rights,crimes disrupting the order of social administration;
·Administrative litigation: house demolition, confiscation, administrative penalties.

The main clients are:

·Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd.;
·Hunan Branch of Pacific Property Insurance Company Limited
·Beijing Zhongche heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Corporate Legal Service

In terms of corporate management and operation, business nature, main business, and internal policies and procedures of clients, we provide tailored services for clients to prevent legal risks, resolve disputes, and optimize management, which present opportunities and possibilities for clients to create value

In this area,we can provide the following services regarding:

·Protecting interests of shareholders;
·Assisting in tax planning;
·Prevention of general legal risks: labor risk, contract risk and financing risk;
·Prevention of specific legal risks: receivable management and collection, merger and acquisition, restructuring, bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization, and etc;
·Long-term corporate legal counsel: contract reviewing, dispute handling, negotiation, legal training.

The main clients are:

·Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd.;
·Xiang Cheng Real Estate Management Co., Limited;
·Mai Ji mall;

Securities and Capital Services

We have been focusing on and rendering excellent legal services in the area of securities and capital, by leveraging our strengths of having deep understanding and rich experience in the listing of companies and issuance of bonds in China, related qualifications, and cooperation and connections with leading accounting firms, brokers, and the securities exchanges.

In this area,we can provide the following services regarding:

·Large-scale project financing:PPP, BOT and etc;
·Financial leasing;
·IPO in China;
·NewThree Board listing;
·Merger and acquisition;
·Asset-backed Securitization;
·Private placement fund;
·Non-performing asset management;

The main clients are:

· Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd.;
· Xiang Cheng Real Estate Management Co., Limited;
· Chenzhou Jingui SiIverIndustryCo., Ltd.;
· Xuehai Culture Communication Co., Ltd;
· Wuxi Guangxin Co., Ltd.;
· Hunan Chunhua Biotechnology Co,Ltd;
· Hunan Zhonglian Insurance Broker Co., Ltd;
· Hunan Luanda Asphalt Technology Co., Ltd;
· Changsha Qianyuan Plastic Co., Ltd;
· CAVE Science&Technology Co. Ltd;
· Changsha public transportation Co., Ltd;
· Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., Ltd.;
· Changsha Red Forest Asset Management Co., Ltd.;
· Hunan Jiahua Asset Management Co,Ltd;
· Hunan Huashi Capital Co., Ltd.;

Intellectual Property Services

In the area of intellectual property, we provide services of applying for administrative investigation and punishment against infringement of intellectual property, litigation, and anti-counterfeiting. We enjoy rich social resources in dealing with infringement, administrative violations and criminal offenses in relation to intellectual property

In this area,we can provide the following services regarding:

·Trademark counterfeiting;
·Fighting fake and shoddy products;
·Litigation against infringement of patent;
·Protecting e-commerce platform;

The main clients are:

·Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd.;
·Alibaba Group Holding Limited;

Real Estate and Construction Legal Services

In the area of real estate and construction, we have established good relationship with our clients and are capable to provide quality services to clients.

In this area,we can provide the following services regarding:

·House demolition;
·Property Management;
·House sale and purchase;
·Construction quality dispute;
·Construction accounts receivable;

The main clients are:

·Changsha Hong Xiang Real Estate Co., Ltd;
·Changsha Branch of Beijing Municipal Construction Co., Ltd
·Xiang Cheng Real Estate Management Co., Limited;
·Hunan Branch of CTMG;

International Legal Service

By attracting lawyers deeply experienced in international legal services and building deep cooperation with first-tier international law firms, we attach great importance to and have expertise in rendering international legal services, including advising state-owned enterprises and large enterprises on the overseas mergers and acquisitions.

In this area,we can provide the following services regarding:

·Overseas mergers and acquisitions;
·International litigation and arbitration;
·Foreign investment;

The main clients are:

·Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd.;
·CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd.;

Other Specific Legal Services

In addition to the above legal services, we also provide the other specific legal services regarding:
·The cases arising from rural areas and urbanization process;
·Advising the governments of all levels;
·Enterprise human resources;
·Free legal aid;
Mr.Ziguo Zhang
(senior partner,director,and senior lawyer)
He acquired Master of Laws at Law School of Hunan University (2012-2015). I n 2002, he started to practice law as a lawyer and gained rich experiences in both litigation and non-contentious cases after many years' practice. In 2008, he to- founded Hunan Zoomlion Fangsheng Law Firm, and transformed it into Hunan Daokuan Law Firm as the founding partner and the director in 2013.

As of 2014, he has been appointed as delegate ofthe 8th Lawyers 'Congress of Hunan Province, delegate of the 4th Lawyers' Congress of Changsha, the executive director of Changsha 4th Lawyers Association, the deputy director of the Committee of Examination and Award of the Changsha Lawyers Association, the director of the Committee of Rural Area and Urbanization of Changsha Lawyers Association.

He was awarded the title of "Outstanding Young Lawyer in Hunan Province" in February 2015, the "Outstanding Worker in Party Affairs in Changsha City" in July 2015, and the "Outstanding Worker in Party Affairs of Changsha Society Organization" in July 2015.

He was appointed as arbitrator of Changsha Arbitration Commission in 2016. He and his team specialize in litigation, arbitration, receivable collection and management, bankruptcy and reorganization, and corporate legal advising, among others.

Ms.Sha Lin
(the partner and senior lawyer)

Expertise in securities and capital
She acquired Doctor's Degree in Management Science in the Central South University and Master of Laws at Law School of Hunan University. Now she is the partner and senior lawyer of Hunan Daokuan Law Firm.

The litigation cases that she has dealt with include: Hunan TV vs. Shenyang Zhitu Co., Limited regarding copyright of "Zhaocai Boy";
Hunan People's Broadcasting Station vs. East Asset Management Co., Limited regarding loan dispute;
Hunan Broadcasting and Mobile Television Co., Ltd. vs. Guangzhou Cambridge Company regarding sale contract dispute;
Hunan People's Broadcasting Station vs. Changwu Yang regarding equity transfer;
Golden Eagle Broadcasting System vs. Dayang Technology Development Inc. regarding contract dispute;
Mr. Li's Bribery in Bucheng County, Shaoyang City;
Golden Eagle Broadcasting System vs. Hunan International Television Transmission Co., Ltd. regarding equity transfer.

She has rich experiences in dealing with non-contentious cases including:
IPO of Chenzhou Jingui Silver Industry Co., Ltd. (having procured the approval of the SFC); Restructuring and listing of Changsha Xuehai Culture Co., Ltd.; Restructuring and listing of Wuxi Guangxin Co., Ltd.;
restructuring and listing of Hunan Chunhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd;
Restructuring and listing of Xiang Cheng Real Estate Management Co., Limited;
New Three Board listing of Hunan Zhonglian Insurance Broker Co., Ltd;
New Three Board listing of Hunan Luanda Asphalt Technology Co., ltd;
New Three Board listing of Changsha Qianyuan Plastic Co., Ltd;
Restructuring and New Three Board listing of AVE Science&Technology Co. Ltd;
Acquisition by Changsha public transportation Co., Ltd of Hunan Bus Co., Ltd.;
Acquisition by Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Group Co,Ltd. of Tiantian Xiangshang Net Co,Ltd;
Acquisition by Zoolion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Chenjie Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd;
Acquisition by Zoolion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd. of Hubei Yida Co., Ltd.;
Incorporation of Linwu Microfinance Co., Ltd;Registration and filing of the private placement fund of Changsha Red Forest Asset Management Co,Ltd.;
Registration and filing of the private placement fund of Hunan Jiahua Asset Management Co., Ltd.;
Registration and filing of the private placement fund of Hunan Huashi Capital Co., Ltd.

Mr.Kailai Xiao
(the partner and senior lawyer)

Expertise in civil and commercial litigation,intellectual property
After graduation from the Law School of Jilin University (one of the four most prestigious law schools in China), he had practiced as a state attorney in the procuratorates in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Jiangxi Province for 4 years until he resigned from government and became a lawyer in 2010. Now he is the litigation lawyer and the partner of Hunan Daokuan Law Firm and a member of Rural Area and Urbanization Professional Committee of Changsha Lawyer Association.

Mr. Kailai Xiao not only undertook academic research on contract, intellectual property, network, infringement and other legal knowledge, but also continuously represented Pacific Insurance, Alibaba, and other companies before courts. For 7 years after he became a lawyer, he has handled more than 300 litigation cases regarding disputes of insurance, intellectual property, Internet contract and infringement, personal injury tort compensation, debt, and other contracts, and criminal defense, with his footsteps stretching from Mohe County in the northernmost of China to Danzhou City in the southernmost of China, from Baoqing County in the easternmost of China to Makit County in the westernmost of China

Studying diligently, mastering litigation strategies and skills, having rich litigation experience and high ability, valuing the professional ethics and integrity, cherishing the principal of "engaged by the client, loyal to the client",he has won trust and appreciation of clients. He is an expert on litigation regarding disputes of contract, person damage infringement, credit and debt, protection of trademark and copyright, and Internet.

Mr.Weijun Wang
(senior lawyer)

Expertise in construction
He acquired the Master of Laws at Law School of Hunan University and is a lawyer of Hunan Daokuan Law Firm. He specializes in receivable collection, contract disputes resolution and corporate issues and has rich experience in dealing with disputes arising from construction contracting, the sale and purchase of steel, and steel pipe scaffold lease. He is capable to provide real estate investors and developers, banks, proprietors and other participants of real estate market with comprehensive legal services regarding real estate investment, real estate construction and rental, property management, construction bidding, and project statement.

Based on his deep knowledge of construction projects and transactions, Mr. Weijun Wang has provided such effective services for clients regarding possible disputes in the construction industry that he has succeeded in protecting the interests and rights of clients and restoring and avoiding tens of millions of Yuan for clients in hundreds of cases each year. In order to better advise and represent clients, he has set up its own lawyer teams in Hunan Province, Hainan Province, and Guangzhou City to provide legal services in the area of construction, with its teams dealing with nearly all the disputes arising from the sale and purchase of steel and steel pipe scaffold lease in Hainan Province, advising a substantial proportion of concrete sale and purchase transactions in Zhuzhou City, and representing nearly 10 subsidiaries of the Southern Cement Co., Ltd regarding contract disputes. Featuring "automatic production line",contingency fees, and "specific lawyers dealing with specific litigation and enforcement",his teams render the tailored legal services to address the specific needs of clients and protect the interests of clients.

Ms.Yelan Chen
(law professor,legislator,and senior lawyer)

Expertise in legal issues relating to farmers and farm land,administrative litigation
She acquired the Doctor of laws at Law School of Wuhan University. She is the law professor in Hunan Agricultural University, the academic advisor of master study, the part-time lawyer of Hunan Daokuan Law Firm, and the member of”93 Society" Hunan Culture Committee.

Social Titles: (a) the member of the Legislation Drafting Expert Group of the "Soil Pollution Prevention Law" under the National People's Congress; (b) the member of the Legislation Drafting Expert Group of "Soil Pollution Prevention Regulations" in Hunan Province; (c) the professional tutor of the”Fifth Five- Years”and”Sixth Five-Year" Rural Legal Awareness Tutor Group in Hunan Province; (d) assistant to the chief judge of administrative court in the High People's Court in Hunan Province.

Expertise: expert in rural legal issues; civil and commercial litigation; corporate legal counsel; administrative litigation; government legal counsel.

Her classic litigation cases include:
Dealing with Hunan Hengsheng Pharmacy Co., Ltd vs. Guangdong Zhende Pharmacy Co., Ltd with the subject of more than 160 million Yuan regarding contract dispute (the Supreme Court issued the final judgment);
Representing a client against Changsha Shibo Furnishing Co., Ltd regarding the dispute of house rent;
Representing a client against the Land acquisition Office in Wangcheng District and the Land Resource Bureau in Wangcheng District regarding illegal enforcement;
Representing a client against Real Estate Bureau in Dongkou County regarding administrative registration.

Mr.Zhonghui Wu
(senior lawyer)

Expertise in overseas merger and acquisition
Mr. Wu acquired Master of laws at Law School of Hunan University. The qualification certificates and other academic degrees that he has are Bachelor's Degree in Russian language, college English teacher's certificate, lawyer's license, and certificate of completion in MBA. He has been working as international legal director in Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd (the "Zoomlion",listed both in Mainland China and Hong Kong,). His working languages are English and Chinese.

He developed considerable expertise and built deep experience in advising on and handling enterprise overseas incorporation and operation, investment, and other international legal issues, including representing Zoomlion in incorporating overseas subsidiaries and branches and dealing with legal affairs arising from operation of such, establishing and perfecting the international resources network and platforms for the convenience of Zoomlion's international legal affairs, tracking, monitoring, and safeguarding the proceeds from Zoomlion's export, evaluating the creditworthiness of customers, building and maintaining the database of customer credit limit database, reporting or suggesting risks of market, credit, operation, and environment of export.

His major achievements include:
Successfully solved more than ten international IP (trademark) disputes; seized back a trademark for the 1 st time in Zoomlion's history; won an international trademark litigation for the first for Zoomlion;
Won the first international arbitration for business debts collection;
Conducting legal affairs for the biggest international M&A project in the field of heavy machinery for the time being (related to HK, USA, Italy, China and other countries), which was listed as one of the most classical models in Harvard case data room;
Legally assisting other major projects (related to international bond issuing, listing in HKEX, international banking syndicated financing project, HR projects and so on), which highly appraised by Zoomlion;
Legally assisting the biggest international project in dry-mixing heavy equipment in China;
Other major international M&A and investment projects;
International construction exhibitions in China,Germany, USA and so on.

Mr.Guangyao Zheng
(senior lawyer)

Expertise in International trade and finance
He acquired the Bachelor's Degree in English in Beijing International Studies University in 2003 and Juris Master Degree at law school of Tsinghua University in 2009.

He was awarded the "Specialist in International Trade and Finance (CITF)" by the London Institute of Banking&finance, the "Certificate for Specialist in Demand Guarantee (CSDG)" by ICC, and the "Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS)" by ICC.

He is a specialist in international trade and finance, international leasing, and financial leasing in China, and has successfully dealt with and advised on hundreds transactions and cases in this areas. The selected significant representations include:
Advising Zoomlion Capital (H.K.) Co., Limited on cross-border leasing with the seller and the lessee in Mainland China, which required drafting and review of various finance leasing arrangements;
Advising Zoomlion on a USD 100 million bid invited by Potomac Electric Power Company in Pakistan and financed by World Bank;
Handling a dispute between Zoomlion Capital (Russia) and a lessee with the receivables of over USD 7 million and late charge of 20 million;
Incorporating Zoomlion Capital (South Africa) in South Africa;
Advising a client on its USD 50 million export to Ghana;

Our honors and awards

Our qualifications

Party branch of Hunan Daokuan
law firm of the Party Committee
of Changsha City Lawyers Association;

Legal aid station of Hunan Daokuan
law firm of the Changsha Legal Aid Center;

Legal service law firm appointed by Zoomlion
Heavy Industry Science &Technology Co., Ltd;

Candidate law firm of SASAC of Hunan Province;

Candidate law firm of Changsha Governments

The law firm eligible to issue legal opinions on
listing of enterprises in Hunan Equity Exchange;

Registered member of China Association of
Inter-bank Market Dealers:

The allied firm of Jingsh Law Firm

The address of Hunan Daokuan Law Firm (the head office):
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